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Vegan Cosmetics: Why make them?

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Veganism is now spreading to other sectors than food, such as beauty. Why choose to make or label your cosmetics vegan?

Do not confuse vegan and organic: they are not the same thing!

The difference between organic and vegan

2 very different definitions:

  • Vegan cosmetics: Care products without any component of animal origin. Very often natural (but not always), vegan cosmetics also guarantee the absence of tests on animals (even if it is an obligation in Europe, it is not the case in all international countries).

  • Organic cosmetics: Care products made from organically grown ingredients (often plant extracts, vegetable and essential oils). Organic cosmetics exclude all chemical components such as pesticides that are harmful to the body.

An organic product may not be vegan, just as a vegan product may not be organic.

A responsible consumption awareness is emerging and brands are following this movement. According to Statista, 58% of the +18 years old consider the ingredients and composition of cosmetic products during the purchase, so it is imperative not to neglect this aspect in the development of a product.

The benefits of vegan cosmetics

The vegan aspect of a cosmetic product emphasizes the commitments of a brand, an element increasingly taken into account by consumers. By favoring cosmetics whose manufacturing process is as natural as possible, the skin better absorbs the care applied and contributes to a sustainable environment.

The commitment to environmental sustainability is thus shared between the consumer and the brand...

The vegan labels in cosmetics

Today, vegan certifications are not mandatory or regulated by French law, which means that the vegan labels affixed on the products is a will of the brand alone and proof of its commitment.

In this case, what are the trusted vegan labels?

Vegan & Cruelty Free

Delivered by PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals), this certification extends to all the brand's products. It guarantees the absence of animal testing at all stages of production.

HCS / leaping bunny

Issued by the HCS (Human Cosmetics Standard) and the European Coalition, this label guarantees that the entire brand is committed to not testing its products on animals, as well as its ingredient suppliers.

Vegan Society

This label certifies only the products on which it appears, not the brand. It guarantees the absence of components of animal origin and animal testing.

One Voice

This label has 2 versions:

  • Blue: Not tested on animals and vegan

  • Orange: Not tested on animals, vegan and organic

Certifié Vegan

This label applies only to products, not to the entire brand, and certifies that neither the products nor the ingredients have been tested on animals.

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