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Growing your cosmetics business involves facing many challenges.

Which cosmetic to make, which ingredient to use, Good Manufacturing Practices, the cosmetic regulations to follow are specific but essential subjects.

Reguloo, cosmetic consultant, has a panel of services dedicated to companies and cosmetic manufacturing.

Produits cosmétiques


As a consultant, Reguloo specializes in the cosmetics market and regulations. Our mission is to help companies in their cosmetic manufacturing and to set up support to enter the market.

With expertise acquired over more than 15 years , Reguloo has all the tools your cosmetic business needs to give credibility to your business and your cosmetic products.


Your company launches a soap, a cream, an organic food supplement, Reguloo accompanies you until the desired success.


With 15 years of experience in the pharmaceutical field, the Reguloo team knows perfectly the preferred cosmetic ingredients on the market and the methods to create the perfect cosmetic formula, traditional, organic or vegan.

The different statuses of health products (master preparations, officinal preparations, essential oils, medicines, etc.) are our area of expertise and many community pharmacists have already placed their trust in us in the face of new cosmetic legislation.

Produits cosmétiques


As a cosmetic consultant, we want to support companies in need of expertise. Reguloo adapts to the needs of your cosmetic company and to all types of existing cosmetic products (soap, cream, food supplement, etc.).

Among our values, support, advice,  innovation and sustainability advocate and guide our missions.


More than 15 years of experience with cosmetics companies, pharmaceutical laboratories of herbal medicines and homeopathy, and for the leader of organic cosmetics in Europe have forged our activity to put it at your service.


We participated in the drafting of the ISO standard for the natural certification of cosmetic products. We have been actors and members of numerous associations in the field of pharmaceutical and cosmetic regulations.

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